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Angelie Almendare is a statuesque 5-foot, 8-inch, 117-pound brunette bombshell, actress, supermodel, and cyberbabe, a perfect blend of French, Spanish and Irish heritage! Born and raised on a small cattle farm in Fontana, California, a suburb east of Los Angeles, Angelie was a tomboy growing up along with a brother, and three step brothers.

Since moving to Hollywood about four years ago to pursue acting full-time, Angelie has steadily built her television credits to include such popular shows as "Baywatch","Baywatch Nights", "Dave's World", "Renegade", "Sabrina the Teenage Witch", "Profiler", "Married with Children", "Pacific Blue", and "Murder One." On film, Angelie has been featured in "Barb Wire", "Spawn", and "Six Gun Women". She has also body doubled for well-known actress Tia Carrere, on film. 

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